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1. Intro
2. Open Marriages
3. Coordinates
4. Class A
5. Krampus
6. This Time Let's Rock
7. Grey An
8. Reekei Plume-Plucked Minnow
9. Reprise (Coordinates)

"There’s a phenomenal energy to the album, which ebbs and flows as it goes through moments of crushing intensity, before flowing away into calm moments of serenity, and of course, back again!"

A Drink For All My Friends

1. A Drink For...
2. ...All My Friends
3. Mister 1986
4. Black Box
6. Happy Village
7. Homunculus

"There just aren't many post rock bands that distinguish themselves. If My Education are post rock I hope the next generation is listening because this is an exciting group that just keeps getting better while trying new things."


1. Sunset
2. City Woman
3. Lust
4. Oars
5. Peasant Dance
6. A Man Alone
7. Sunrise

"My Education makes a triumphant return with Sunrise, the successor to 2008's acclaimed Bad Vibrations. Based on the band's original score for F.W. Murnau's 1927 silent film Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans, Sunrise is a marvelous adventure into off-kilter post-rock. The band pulls upon a decade's worth of experience to create a soundtrack that is as hauntingly cinematic as it is blisteringly potent, all while not losing the core of its sound. Tracks like "Oars" and "Sunrise" are likely to be among the best any post-rock band will offer up this year, while gems like "Sunset" and "A Man Alone" flex the band's diverse skill set. Whether or not My Education has grabbed your attention in the past, Sunrise cannot be missed."

The Silent Ballet

Side One Track One

Live Eye TV

Bad Vibrations

1. This Old House
2. Arch
3. Britches Blanket
4. Mother May I
5. Aria
6. Sluts and Maniacs
7. Bad Vibrations

"Nearly a decade since their conception, My Education's fourth release graduates from post-rock prep into its own instrumental class. Though the familiar repetition into swelling crescendos still surfaces, the guitars advance in constant choreography and tension with the strings and percussion, a dance for dominance between the Austin sextet's opposing impulses. At its best, Bad Vibrations trembles in textures more subtly balanced. "This Old House" settles with a haunting ambience, Sarah Norris' vibraphone folding into the mix of guitar and viola so softly that its presence flits ghostlike. The title cut bookends at the close with an equally hypnotic lull, pedal steel shimmering underwater light, but the songs between play a dramatic catch-and-release with expert precision. "Arch" spirals behind James Alexander's viola before the guitars overflow with an aching surge of distortion, "Britches Blanket" and "Aria" unraveling equal fury. Smart and ripped with power."

- Doug Freeman, Austin Chronicle

My Education vs. Dalek

Side 1 - Spiegel im Spiegel
Side 2 - Dalekized

Spiegel im Spiegel is a piece of music that was originally written by Arvo Part in 1978 for a single piano and violin. For track one My Education took this piece and expanded on it by adding intricate layers of percussion, slide guitar, electric guitar, and bass, creating a tranquil sound that is familiar to other My Education songs. For track two, Dalek and The Oktopus added in some sick beats and a variety of layered sounds and vocals to take the piece to a whole new level. Both songs were recorded by The Oktopus at The Deadverse studios, and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side.

Moody Dipper

1. Spirit of Peace (A Variation On a Theme By Popul Vuh)
2. Armistice Day
3. Dalek: Green Arrow: Deadverse Remix
4. Red Sparowes: Snake in the Grass: Red Sparowes Remix
5. Teith: Green Arrow: Teith Remix
6. Kinski: Puppy Love: Kinski Remix
7. Moody Dipper

"Essentially a remix disc of songs from ... Italian, plus three new songs, Moody Dipper's heavy on the electro vibe, which adds a nice layer of grime to the local septet's typically pristine sound. There's something lurking here, though the new-age chimes of opener "Spirit of Peace," their variation on Seventies Krautrockers Popul Vuh, would have you think otherwise. Dalek's remix of "Green Arrow" bumps the mood into a beat-heavy choke hold real quick. Chicago trio Teith's take on the same song is vaulted skyward with explosions of mottled noise (thanks to the feathered touch of Pelican axeman Trevor DeBrauw). There's the Red Sparowes rendering of "Snake in the Grass," in which bassist Greg Burns molds a borderline horror score; sinister clashes of sound sneak up on Hitchcockian viola. Chris Martin of Kinski takes a similar approach on the sprawling "Puppy Love," sneaking in his trademark psych bombast. The closing title track provides a return to form, a mellifluous convergence of strings, keys, and ear-shattering guitar. It's an interesting and pleasantly surprising experiment in sound, because not every band can (or should even attempt to) pull off a remix album. Our suspicions were correct: My Education's got a dirty side too."

- Audra Schrodeder, Austin Chronicle.


1. Snake in the Grass
2. Plans A Through B
3. Thanksgiving
4. (Polyphonic Walnuts)
5. Puppy Love
6. Texas Style
7. Dirty Hands
8. ()
9. Green Arrow

"There must be something on the air, or in it, to explain the space rock blooming in central Texas. This Austin sextet expands on the arc-riff grandeur or local travelers Explosions in the Sky with John Cale-like viola and simple, rising melodies that take you way up and out. My Surprise find at SXSW this year, My Education are advanced ecstasy."

- David Fricke, Rolling Stone

5 Popes

1. Concentration Waltz
2. Lesson 3
3. Nightrider Meets the Waterfall
4. Deep Cut
5. Crime Story

"So when I heard My Education my jaw dropped at how incredibly talented this group is. A six-piece that forges instrumental music that are more about movements than mainstream pop-rock, My Education is a college on what you can do right when you sit down to put some songs to tape. Their instruments seem as if they're one with the player somehow co-existing on this plane of reality unlike any other musician out there."


The Speed By Which We Fall


"The Speed by Which we Fall" compilation on Rollerderby records

Jonathon Whiskey 7"

"Also proving that Texas is the new erm...oh I don't know...are My Education. We liked them so much we gave them a full 7" to ply their majestic trade. If you like the grandiose post rock of Godspeed you Black Emperor, Explosions in the Sky or Mogwai then I really think you are going to love this. It takes all the best bits from those bands but somehow improves them. The A side is a big lilting waltz of a tune and the B side again grows from some quiet bass notes into a big brash feedback drenched monster. Concentration Waltz is heartily recommended."

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