3/27/2019 – Austin, Beerland with the Spoils, Pyrethrum and Project S.NA.R.E.

Dirty P. almost bails on this one, but is convinced to remain in town an extra coupla days to rock. Our first show at Beerland in 14 years.

3/22/2019 – Houston TX at 4202 Screen Printing Gallery with the Thief and the Architect and Skyscraper

Hankins tries to call the show off but Dirty P. won’t let him…all turns out pretty good! Cops come 3x!! It’s like we’re teenagers again!!

3/17/2019 – Austin, Empire Control Room - Chili Dog Fest X afterparty thang

Buncha rock slut behavior going on at this as Swallow the Rat and ST 37 also play…the STR performance is especially memorable due to the, ahem “competent” sound guys…! MyEd plays on the AstroTurf patio and the crowd is suitably wowed…

3/11/2019 – Austin, Barracuda- SXSW showcase 2019

with SoundMass also (rock sluts! Two showcases in one night!!), Fragile Rock, Honey and Salt, Blushing, Swallow the Rat (rock sluts! Brian plays 3 sets at one showcase!!)

Artic Drones writeup: http://arcticdrones.com/staff-picks/eclectic-instrumental-bands-at-sxsw-2019/?fbclid=IwAR1jsj8LnckqsTxxoBxIOiN_p_-PQcotHSvrVtod4cF51yMUfUN66arQBbo

11/10/2018 – Austin, Craft Pride.

With Sour Notes and Cool Moon. Our Rainey St. debut. Hey, Party Boy, how does the second part of “Slipping Away” go again? Our 4th show without Brian.

7/12/2018 – Austin - North Door, with Auntie etc.

Local Shadows has to cancel because John Wilkins abdicates the drum throne in the middle of practice. MyEd steps in even though it’s Party Boy’s birthday. Our 3rd show without Brian.

6/3/2018 San Antonio – Paper Tiger with APTBS and Prettiest Eyes

well, we didn’t make the poster, but we played the show…!! Once again…it was hot.

5/31/2018 – Dozen Street with Dollar General, Early Stages etc.

Eileen screws up and double-books the Sahara so we have to move the show to the former Club 1808. Still a fun night.

Sunday March 18th 2018 Austin – Empire Control Room – Chili Dog Fest #9

pretty entertaining lineup for the final day of SXSW madness 2018:
STAGE E Empire Patio
Hangover Cure Stage

1:30 Missing Pages
2:30 Jerry David DeCicca and Friends
3:15 Hot Dog Piñata Bust for the kids
3:30 Austi!
4:30 Sturle Dagsland (Norway)
5:30 Scott Yoder (Seattle)
6:30 My Education (ATX, New Zealand)
7:30 Fast Eddy (Denver)
8:30 Breaker Breaker (Portland)
9:30 Daikaiju (Houston)

3/15/2018 – Austin, Hideout- SoundMass SXSW show once again – Hi Dennis!

3/16/2018 –Austin, Hole in the Wall - SoundMass at Fade to Yellow Fest

3/13/2018 – Austin, Swan Dive

Wow! High Five! day party SXSW show at …Or is THIS the one we ended up not playing? Jeesh, it all blurs together – I think we DID play this one, it was the Elysium one we skipped

3/12/2018 Austin at the Sidewinder for the Loyalty Firm showcase at SXSW

Fire Marshall reduces the capacity of the outside stage at the club from, like, 300 to, like, 42 mere moments before the show starts, effectively fucking the whole show…thanks AFD! #livemusiccapitaloftheworld

Wed. 1/3/2018 – Austin, Barracuda

Free Week show with…well, see below…Our 2nd show without Brian.

11/4/2017 – Houston, D&W Lounge, with Super Robot Party and The Thief and the Architect

Party Boy has fun “artistically” decorating the merch table:

10/27/2017 – Austin TX, Spider House Ballroom, with the Gary and Honeyrude

Nice writeup in the Chron and video premiere for “Coordinates”:

10/26/2017 – Ft. Worth TX, Main at South Side, with The Angelus and Tame

…Tame and Quiet


10/25/2017 – Austin. Electric Church, with Total Unicorn, Suspirians, Cinders, PopNoir Soundsystem

PopNoir zine release – super fun, great lineup.

2017.01.28/The Deadhorse/San Angelo, TX
The First Part

San Angelo Standard Times Show Preview

2017.01.09/Stubb's/Austin, TX
Cinders & Pong

Cinders powered through a set minus Mister Volpi.

2017.01.08/Cheer Up Charlies/Austin, TX
ST 37, Residual Kid, Honeyrude, Honey & Salt, BLXPLTX, ThinkNoThink, Megafuna & Evil Triplet

Austin Chronicle Show Review

2016.12.15/Cheer Up Charlies/Austin, TX
Fraglie Rock, Knifight, Total Unicorn, Cinders Ensemble & Beat Imprint

Cinders Ensemble's Record release party!
Please feel free to purchase a copy here

2016.12.09/The Satelitte Bar/Houston, TX
My Twlight Pilot, A Sundae Drive & Golden Cities

Kirk's keyboards received a beer bath and he was treated to an exciting ride back to ATX.

2016.12.01/The Hardluck Lounge/Austin, TX

Family Friendly!

2016.10.29/502 Bar/San Antonio, TX
Doral Clvb & Arkminute

A festive Halloween show in North West San Antonio.

2016.10.22/Fine Southern Gentlemen/Austin, TX
Safehouse Session

Party Boy broke a string but the show went on.

Watch live video from on www.twitch.tv

2016.10.15/Foundry/Dallas, TX
Deadleaf Echo

Somewhere Cold Show Review
Somewhere Cold Show Interview

2016.10.13/Stubb's/Austin, TX
Echo and the Bunnymen

Echo and the Bunnymen played every song about a step down.

2016.09.30/ABGB's/Austin, TX
The Khost

Lon and Monica made it by after seeing Radiohead play at ACL.
Brian ended up crashing on Party Boy's couch after the show.

2016.09.01/Cheer Up Charlies/Austin, TX
Evil Triplet, Darkbird, The Sideshow Tragedy, Scenery, EL LAGO, The Madisons & Beat Imprint

Brian's 40th and Chris' 45th BDays!

2016.08.26/The Deadhorse/San Angelo, TX
The First Part

Brian forgot mention that Tommy’s Mesquite Flamed Pizza is BYOB:(

San Angelo Standard Times Show Preview

2016.06.25/The Contentinal Club/Austin, TX
Pong & Dead Music Capital Band

Three separate Hen Parties came through Contentinal Club this evening.

2016.06.04/Double Wide/Dallas, TX
Shmu, Things of Earth & Wax Ruins

2016.06.03/Mohawk/Austin, TX
Ringo Deathstarr, Shmu, Botany, Black Books, Soundfounder vs. Butcher Bear, Chakra Khan & Paim Daze

Shum's North American Tour Kick Off!

2016.05.28/Walter's Downtown/Houston, TX
The Wheel Workers, A Sundae Drive & Criminal Birds

"Kid jamming with Dad's band"

Houston Press Show Review

2016.05.07/Pecan Street Festival/Austin, TX
Ume, ThinkNoThink, Helen Kelter Skelter, The Blind Pets, ST 37, Que Pasa & Midnight Butterfly


2016.05.06/The Foundry/Dallas, TX
Sound Mass Performance with The Angelus

Earl gave the people what they wanted.

2016.03.20/Swan Dive/Austin, TX
Dead Leaf Echo, Stargazer Lilies, Zyna Hel, Built by Snow & Sick of Sarah

Stuart Braithwaite was in attendence at this show.

2016.03.19/Voodoo Donuts/Austin, TX/Official SXSW Showcase
Built by Snow, Knifight, ThinkNoThink, Total Unicorn & Beat Imprint

We've played a little 500 shows at this point, and this was the 1st time we've ever been given 'Donut Tickets' instead of 'Drink Tickets'.

2016.03.19/West 3rd Street Space/Austin, TX
Kid Natural & New Arrows

Morris was a no show... same with most the bands that were booked.

2016.03.12/Harvest House/Denton, TX/Official 35 Denton Showcase
Maximiliano Calvo, Bereah, Claire Morales & LEV

Despite blowing 3 fuses during the set I think we managed to rock.
Chris wrote another hit on the way home.

2016.03.11/The Foundry/Dallas, TX
Jared Caraway

After yet another harrowing rainy drive up I35 we played to a surprising good crowd of our DFW (old and ever older) homies.

2016.02.27/Empire Automotive/Austin, TX/Austin Instrumental Music Fest
Scale the Summit, Tia Carrera, Descendants of Erdrick, Something Fiction, The Grasshopper Lies Heavy, Bright Like the Sun, Halfasleep & Violinda

This was the Night of the Case of the Mysterious Bruised Ribs.
Also the Bright Like the Sun Boys brought some of "San Antonio's Finest" up to the show.

Austin Chronicle Recommended

2016.02.20/ABGB's/Austin, TX
Violinda & Knifight

A splendid evening of free pizza, beer and music.
Earl and Marc crashed on the Party Boy's couch after the show.

2016.01.09/Sidewinder/Austin, TX/FREE WEEK!
Boyfrndz, Residual Kid, Ringo Deathstarr, Megafauna, On Delay! & ThinkNoThink

2015.12.05/Cheer Up Charlies/Austin, TX/Nine Mile Touring's Xmas Party
Booher, Lowin, Megafauna & A. Sinclair

2015.12.03/Mohawk Austin, TX/SWPRC Presents
Legendary Skies, Play by Numbers & the Khost

2015.11.14/Spider House/Austin, TX/Savlov's Wedding

What are the chords to I Wanna Be Your Dog again?

2015.09.27/Pecan Street Festival/Austin, TX
mytwlightpilot, When the Word Was ((Sound)), Evil Triplet, Major Major Major & A Giant Dog

Played the Homies' Stage.

2015.06.28/Utah Arts Festival/Salt Lake City, UT/Sound Mass

Played with Sound Mass TNG. It was tough, but we pulled it together in the end.

Utah Review Show Preview

Slug Magazine Review of Spiritual Docking

2015.06.20/Low Brow Tavern/El Paso, TX
Dayluta Means Kindness, Great Shapes & Doc Brown & 1.21 Jiggawatts

Possibly the show of the tour. It was a great way to end it regardless.

2015.06.19/Trunkspace/Phoenix, AZ
Oliver House, The Blank Waves & Raya

Had to drink beers in the 100 degree van:(

2015.06.18/Bunkhouse/Las Vegas, NV
Sweetest Morphine

Our old 30 Ghosts labelmate Tim's (Snowdonnas) new band is Sweetest Morphine. Also had some late night shenanigans with our new friend, Stoney.

2015.06.17/Milk Bar/San Francisco, CA
John Travoltoage & Night School

Night School canceled:(

2015.06.15/Leo's/Oakland, CA
The Svvells

Projections and bong by Lori Surfer!
Gorllia Grape

2015.06.14/Character's/Pomona, CA
Bell Gardens & Barrow

Our Los Angeles homies somehow made this show worthwhile... The Barrow dudes bailed before playing...apparently they were unsatified with the venue...pussies.

2015.06.13/Flycatchers/Tucson, AZ
Mute Swan & Casey Golden

2015.06.12/Padres/Marfa, TX

I think the booking agent's GF liked us a littel too much.

2015.06.10/Holy Mountain/Austin, TX
Startographers & The Spring Break Edition

1st show of the "Babies Will Ruin Your Life Tour 2015"!

2015.05.16/My Place American Pub/Lake Charles, LA
When the Word Was ((Sound))

Alas, no Annie's this trip:(

2015.05.01/The Summit/Houston, TX
football etc, the Wheel Workers & Golden Cities

Kirkie made the band stop for coffee thus making Earl late for his TCAG show at Pecan St Fest the following morning.

2015.04.30/Holy Mountain/Austin, TX
Wildcat Apollo, Bright Like The Sun & Booher

McCarthy made it out to this gig to check us live before producing the new record, and Ryan took issue with Wildcat's load off time.

2015.04.25/The Foundry/Dallas, TX
The Angelus

The Foundry treated us to some fried chicken and craft brews.

2015.04.24/Cheer Up Charlies/Austin, TX
Neosho, aviateur, CAPYAC & IAYD

Rain forced this show inside, and Dave Norwood sat in on bass.

2015.03.22/Spider House Ballroom/Austin, TX/Graveface & Noisy Ghost SXSW Day Party
Dead Leaf Echo, Dott, Crazy Bug Lady, Boy Harsher & Triathalon

SXSW 2015 come down show. There was a girl with a parrot in attendance.

2015.03.21/Spider House/Austin, TX/Sound Mass KVRX SXSW Day Party

The show was moved inside due to weather concerns, and the band was somehow able to fit.

2015.03.19/The Red Eyed Fly/Austin, TX/Official SXSW Showcase
aviateur, Built By Snow, Midnight Masses, Total Unicorn & Pet White Tiger

Dirty P's amp broke, and we had to walk a replacement back up from Chris' house to the venue. Earl didn't much care for the treatment his drums received.

2015.03.18/The Hideout/Austin, TX/Sound Mass Official SXSW Showcase
Bright Like the Sun, Ghost Magnet Roach Motel, Run Golden Boys, LITE & Group of the Altos

Our cellist headed back to OKC before the show, and we carried on with heavy hearts.

2015.03.18/Spider House/Austin, TX/Freaks Meet Folks Party
NGHT HCKLRS, Homeshake, Saint Clair, Karla Manzur / Nightblooms, The Deer, Sweet Spirit, Zettajoule, Gold Beach, Tinnarose, Water Liars & Boyfrndz

2015.03.17/The Chain Drive/Austin, TX/Sound Mass Show CVRRENTS Party
Scorpio, Mr. Kitty, Alter Der Ruine, No Eyes, etc.

Heard that the Chain Drive closed a week later. Coincidence?

2015.03.14/Harvest House/Denton, TX/35 Denton Showcase
Danny Malone, Roger Sellers, Jamaican Queens & The Angelus

2015.03.13/Elysium/Austin, TX/Outlaw Roadshow Party
Winston Cave, Pompeii, Big Bill, Idyll Green, etc.

Ran into an ex-keyboardist at this show. It wasn't awkward at all...

2015.02.27/Red 7/Austin, TX
The Clouds are Ghosts, Videoing & Bitter Birds


2015.02.26/Fitzgerald's/Houston, TX
A Place to Bury Strangers & Creepoid

Oliver let us drink APTBS's Jamersons (sic, thanks Kirk) and we couldn't find Major's condo after the show :(

Houston Press Show Review

2015.01.17/1011/San Antonio, TX
Verisimlitude, The Last Humans & Collective Dreamns

2015.01.10/Red 7/Austin, TX/FREE WEEK!
Bali Yaaah, Panoramas, Chipper Jones & Residual Kid

Austin Live Review Show Reivew

2014.12.12/Holy Mountain/Austin, TX
Knifight, Young Mammals & Smoking White

Knifight's Good Music Club Release show and #cakedate supported show.

2014.10.09/Hotel Vegas/Austin, TX
Midnight Masses, ThinkNoThink & On Delay!


2014.09.27/Pecan St. Festival/Austin, TX
Ringo Dethstarr & ThinkNoThink

Earl's mom walked in on Party Boy doing something naughty in the van.

2014.09.26/Mohawk/Austin, TX
Palms & Boyfrndz

I think someone forgot to pull out.

2014.09.06/Space 12/Austin, TX

Lon's 40th Birthday Surprise Party.

2014.07.10/Hotel Vegas/Austin, TX
Total Unicorn, The Gary & Aviateur


2014.06.20/Double Wide/Dallas, TX/Sound Mass
The Angelus & Nervous Curtains

the second coming of Ultravox.

2014.06.14/Lambert's/Austin, TX/Sound Mass
Baby Robots, Benko & Les Rav

sadly, there was no room on stage for Bobby B.

2014.06.13/502/San Antonio, TX/Sound Mass
Femina X, Migrant Kids and Crown

"He plays drums like he went to college."

2014.06.07/Casa Rio de Colores/Liberty Hill, TX
Charlie's Wedding

Videoing and 1992 also played Chris Laurel sat in on drums like a boss. He gets the 2014 Pinch Hitter MVP award.

2014.05.29/SpiderHouse Ballroom/Austin, TX
Scan Hopper, Gentlemen Rouges & Startographers

Scott Hopkins dazzled the crowd with his witty onstage banter.

2014.05.01/The North Door/Austin, TX
Videoing & Startographers

Wiley didn't much like talking to Skye at this show.

2014.04.26/My Place American Pub/Lake Charles, LA
The Gary & When the Word was ((sound))

"It was hard to watch. Like looking at the sun."

2014.04.25/The Trial Bar/Monroe, LA
The Gary & Unfit Mothers

Hot Wheels

2014.04.24/Fatty Arbuckles/Shreveport, LA
The Gary

Home of AWESOME P.A.

2014.04.10/Scoot Inn/Austin, TX
Play by Numbers, Vorcha & Cosms

Our 1st SWPRC show!



2014.03.12/Frock on Vintage/Austin, TX/Lucy The Poodle presents Ice Cream Dreamz


2014.03.11/Lit Lounge/Austin, TX/Offical SXSW Showcase
J Fernandez, Fauntella Crow, Misun, OK SWEETHEART & GHXST

Inside Out Bear worked the merch table.


2014.02.08/HiLo Club/Oklahoma City, OK
Speak Memory & Brother Gruesome

Ryan Stanfield sat in with us and this turned out to be the best show we've ever played in OKC.

2014/02/07/Dan's Silverleaf/Denton, TX
The Angelus & Daniel Markham

Wheel fell off the trailer traveling back to Papa Durcan's house.
No guitars or humans were injured.

2014.02.02/Gasa Gasa/New Orleans, LA
Lazuras Heart & DiNOLA

Low key Super Bowl Sunday affair. French Press Folger's. Fog on the Mississippi.

2014.02.01/Spanish Moon/Baton Rouge, LA
Lazuras Heart & Baby Boy

Used the women's bathroom, and saw a bunch of graffiti about dudes' penis sizes…

2014.01.31/The Trial Bar/Monroe, LA
SelfAware Wolf & Sargasso


Some confusion about whether Sargasso were a stand-up comedy act or a band.

2014.01.30/Mango's/Houston, TX
Super Robot Party & Golden Cities

Everyeone seemed to be sick at this bar.

2014.01.29/SpiderHouse Ballroom/Austin, TX
Znth (CD Release Party) & CautionTape

shoegaze karaoke.

2014.01.24/The North Door/Austin, TX
my education vs beat imprint, Total Unicorn (Record Release Party), Multi-tracker & Lo Phi & IAYD

Dirty P, EX (and Haxty, briefly) sat in with Skye and Gomi.

2014.01.18/502/San Antonio, TX
Bright Like the Sun & When the Word Was ((Sound))

Played in a strip mall in NorthWest San Antonio, but the show turned out pretty grand.

2014.01.08/The North Door/Austin, TX/Fade to Yellow Free Week Show
Fires Were Shot, Halaska & Play by Numbers

Another fine evening curated by Tom Larid.

Austin 360 Recommended

2014.01.05/The North Door/Austin, TX/Marc Savlov Free Week Show
Only Human, Captive & Tremble Out

Marc booked us with a bunch of child bands, and the Cure.

2013.12.14/Red 7/Austin, TX/5 Popes Reissue Release show
Experimental Aircraft, Winslow, A Tiger Named Lovesick, Cue, 7% Solution & the Swells

#ATXSpaceRockCodgers ruled this night.

2013.11.02/Mango's/Houston, TX
PuraPharm & Co-Pilot

Tessa turned 40 this evening.

2013.10.24/Empire Automotive/Austin, TX
Future Death, Thousand Foot Whale Claw & Horse Lords

Was up way too late trying to hunt down our pay out….

2013.10.15/The Living Room/New York, NY/Official CMJ Showcase
my education vs beat imprint

Quote of the night (from Quiet Company): "You are a wonderful audience. We'll do anything to make you happy!"

2013.09.21/SpiderHouse Ballroom/Austin, TX
Isaiah The Mosaic, Weird Weeds & Startographers

Sound guy didn't bother to mic us, but we were told we still sounded pretty decent.

2013.09.07/Hobby Center/Houston, TX/Noble Motion - Collide

Sold Out

Arts + Culture Feature

2013.09.06/Hobby Center/Houston, TX/Noble Motion - Collide


Houston Chronicle Feature

2013.08.21/Red 7/Austin, TX
Deer Vibes, Jonah Vin & NotLando


2013.08.04/Plaza Theater/El Paso, TX/Sunrise Live Score Performance at the Plaza Classic Film Festival

... sold more merch after this show than at any other MyEd show… Also Skye had a groupie following him around.

2013.08.03/Low Brow Palace/El Paso, TX
Bumpstreet Fonanza & Cosmic Cactus

The local talent left a little to be desired…

2013.08.02/Padre's/Marfa, TX

Got dizzy looking at the stars after the show.

2013.07.20/Mohawk/Austin, TX
Magnet School, Co-Pilot & 10101

10101's debut show, and Co-Pilot's drummer moved his kit off the stage too slow, and Erik Conn chastised him…

2013.06.23/Utah Arts Festival/Salt Lake City, UT
Jason Isbell, Portland Cello Project, Dennis Chambers & more

2013.06.22/Bar Deluxe/Salt Lake City, UT
I Hear Sirens (CD Release Party)

Car Sock

Slug Magazine Feature

2013.05.11/Holy Mountain/Austin, TX
Digital Antique & Tatics

We were missing Europe at this show.

2013.04.10/Nexus/Braunschweig, DE
A Light So Dim
Glorious end to our 1st European tour. EX had to leave her pedal board at Nexus:(
Hurricane Bar Album Review of ADFAMF

2013.04.09/The Cube/Dusseldorf, DE
DJ Skye

2013.04.08/Struppig Tanzen/Leverkusen, DE
Hauke Henkel
Musik Kansich Album Review of ADFAMF

2013.04.07/Molotow Bar/Hamburg, DE
Erika Martins
Pretty In Noise Album Review of ADFAMF

This show Earl received a helping hand, and took a late night stroll through a carnival.

2013.04.06/Antarctica!/Amsterdam, NE
Good Cop/Naughty Cop & Space Chicks in Trouble
Storiadellamusica Album Review of ADFAMF

An extended version of "Snake in the Grass" was performed this evening, featuring EX playing a somewhat in tune upright piano.

2013.04.05/Komma/Esslingen, DE
A Closer Listen Album Review of ADFAMF

2013.04.04/AK44/Giessen, DE

A vinyl purist attended this show.

2013.04.03/PENG/Mainz, DE
J Stone Music
Vampster Album Review of ADFAMF

w/Haxty as Special Guest! In a derelict Volkswagen dealership! Skye projects the visuals on to the hotel next door!

2013.04.01/Espace B/Paris, FR
Lost in Kiev & the Random Monsters
Terapija Album Review of ADFAMF

2013.03.31/Dunk!Fest/Zottegem, BE
Maserati, Balmorhea, Joy Wants Eternity, The Black Heart Rebellion, [BOLT] & more

Give me all your money!
Lavenir Album Review of the Show

2013.03.30/THAV/Hildersheim, DE
Schallgrenzen Show Preview

OK guysh. Time to shleep.

2013.03.29/Ambasada/Beltinci, SI
Kabel 22
Impatto Sonoro Review of ADFAMF

2013.03.28/Gala Hala/Ljubljana, SI
Shoot Me Again Review of ADFAMF

2013.03.27/Club Final/Prague, CZ
have.to.be.distanced, and ufajr
Zware Metalen Review of ADFAMF

Ey! Where's Tchems? Ey, Tchems!

3/26/2013.03.26/Roham/Budapest, HU
The Overalls
Metal Rage Review of ADFAMF

note: a Hungarian jam band also played this show, but no one can remember their name.

2013.03.25/Boro Club/Brno, CZ
Lords of Metal Review of ADFAMF

Marek has a bad night. Earl is King, however.

2013.03.24/Rhiz/Vienna, AT
Primordial Undermind
Demonic Nights Review of ADFAMF

and so makes the appearance of Stizt 1

2013.03.23/Tiefgrund/Berlin-friedrichshain, DE
Paro, and Dagora & Mik Quantius
Heavy Pop Review of ADFAMF

2013.03.22/Doom Over Leipzig/Leipzig, DE
Witchsorrow, Oneirogen, Nightslug, Adrift & more

Cvlt Nation Review of the Show

Haxty defeated in arm-wrestling match by David Wilbraham of Witchsorrow due to an excess of fluids in his system, which he resolves later in the evening

2013.03.15/Rebel's Honky Tonk/Austin, TX/Offical SXSW Showcase
Nik Turner's Hawkwind, ST37, Kinski & Frontier

There was a topless woman on the mechanical bull, so no-one paid any attention to the music.

Austin Chronicle SXSW Pick

Austin Post Show Reivew

2013.03.14/The Hideout/Austin, TX/SoundMass SXSW Showcase

2013.03.14/Salvage Vanguard Theatre/Ausitn, TX/Leisure Tourniquet, Fade To Yellow and Brave Noise Legal Equinox Mish Mash Day Party 2013
Olafur Arnalds, Ola Podrida, the Loom, Fuck Art Let's Dance, Whirr, Expo 70, Avi Avital & more

Slug Magazine Show Review

2013.03.13/Do512 Lounge/Austin, TX
Do512 Lounge Taping

2013.03.12/The Hideout/Ausitn, TX/Official SXSW Showcase
Halaska, Equals & more

What you doing behind that curtain, Earl?

New York Times Art Blog Review of the Show

2013.03.08/Banter/Denton, TX/35 Denton Showcase
the Angelus, Shiny Around the Edges & Ghost of Falco

7 hour drive to Denton... and Ghost of Falco would not trade set times.

2013.02.23/The 1011/San Antonio, TX
Cascaida, Hyperlight DriveShip & Wolf Tone

2013.02.14/Frontier Bar/Austin, TX
Get Yo' Mind Right #12 - Lover's Rock Valentine Party with The Venus Illuminato, Saucer Pilot, Selector J & Roland Kemokai

... and who wouldn't want to spend Valentine's Day at the Frontier Bar?
("that sly come hither stare, smell of raw sewage in the air, it's witchcraft")

2013.02.05/Cheer Up Charlies/Austin, TX
Mighty Mountain & Whale Watching

B.O and glitter.

2013.01.12 Holy Mountain/Austin, TX
Followed by Static, Sans Soeli & Lord Buffalo

All behold Savlov's new tattoo! (I think it was a bald cherub chugging cobra venom, but i'm not sure..)

2013.01.10/Beauty Ballroom/Austin, TX
Mighty Moutain, Co-Pilot & Equals

Earl's 1st show on drums with the band.

2013.01.05/Red 7/Austin, TX
Eagle Claw, Megafuna, Flesh Lights, Smoke and Feathers & Tia Carrera

Electronic set with Skza on beatz part 2. Trancin' the night away.

Austin Chroincle Show Review

2013.01.03/Beauty Ballroom /Austin, TX
The Politics, Digital Antique, Magnet School & Oh Look Out!

Electronic set w/ Skza on beatz part 1

2012.12.01/Walter's/Houston, TX
Pleasure Shapes, Western Standards & Black Forest Fire
Space City Rock ADFAMF Record Review

H-town was not as kind to us as the ATX. Great Mac n Cheese after party, though.

2012.11.30/The North Door/Austin, TX
The Clouds are Ghosts, Silent Land Time Machine & Digital Antique

A Drink for All My Friends album release party. #vinnieslastwaltz. We debuted our new signature cocktail, the Educated Friend.

Austin Chroncile Feature
Austin Chroncile ADFAMF Record Review

2012.10.23/Sammy's/Pleasant Grove, UT/SoundMass Show

Sammy's Sounds Saturday Night!
Sammy's Sounds Saturday Night!
Sammy's Sounds Saturday Night!
Sammy's Sounds Saturday Night!

laugh all you want, but that was a damn good pie shake.

2012.10.22/Bar Deluxe/Salt Lake City, UT/SoundMass Show

Seriously old dude, check back stage.

City Weekly SoundMass Ablum Review

2012.10.22/Museum Walk/Salt Lake City, UT/SoundMass Show

No one stole your snare drum, old dude.

2012.10.21/The North Door/Austin, TX/SoundMass Show
How I Quick Crack & Thousand Foot Whale Claw

This was the only non-Sausage Mass performance of this tour.

Austin Chroncile SoundMass Album Review

2012.20.20/Boneshakers/San Antonio, TX/SoundMass Show
Hexagramme 23

Josh almost got laid… almost.

2012.10.19/Mango's Houston, TX/SoundMass Show
Golden Cities & Super Robot Party

Were treated to some Pasadena hospitality.

2012.10.18/Club Dada Dallas, TX/SoundMass Show
Zanzibar Snails

Well, at least we got a nice write up in the Dallas Observer

2012.10.11/Frontier Bar/Austin, TX/I Wasn't There
Nic Armstrong & special guests, The Sweet Nuthin, Borrisokane, ThinkNoThink, Classy Nude, Boy + Kite, Honey and Salt

2012.09.29/Discovery Green Theater/Houston, TX/Sunrise Live Score Performance

2012.09.28/Lime Light/San Antonio, TX
Hexagramme 23, Deer Vibes & Yes Inferno!

God Hates This Band Part 1.5

2012.09.23/Emo's East/Austin, TX
Psychedelic Furs & The Boxing Lesson

Shenangigans was called.

2012.09.22/Froniter Bar/Austin, TX
Many Birthdays, Paper Threat, Woozey Helmet & Beat Imprint

Merkin Durcan's going away par-tay

2012.14.09/Discovery Green Theater/Houston, TX/Sunrise Live Score Performance

God Hates This Band.

Free Press Houston Interview

2012.09.09/Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar/Austin, TX/Sunrise Live Score (two performances)

Austin Chroincle Preview

2012.08.03/Frontier Bar/Austin, TX
Honey and Salt & Watch Out for Rockets

2012.07.22/Alamo Drafhouse South Lamar/Austin, TX
Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten), Danielle de Picciotto & Algis Kizys (The Swans, Foetus)

The horror... the horror...

2012.06.23/Club DeVille/Austin, TX
Dry Season & Flemish Giant

2012.06.15/Texas Theatre/Dallas, TX/Sunrise Live Score Performance for the Oak Cliff Film Festival
Oak Cliff Advocate Review Show Reivew
Dallas News Pop Culture Blog Review Show Reivew

On this evening we met Carty!

2012.05.23/Red 7/Austin, TX
Hundred Waters

2012.05.11/Swan Dive/Austin, TX
the Angelus & Equals

2012.05.05/Pecan Street Festival/Austin, TX
Residual Kid, Jason David Hiatt, O Conqueror, Rambler Rose, VaNa MaZi, Little Emily Warfield & Oh Look Out

2012.04.04/Joe's Crab Shack/Austin, TXBalcony TV taping

2012.03.31/Triple Crown/San Marcos, TX
Equals & The Eastren Sea

Hack Attack!

2012.03.30/Rudyard's/Houston, TX
Super Robot Party & Sundae Drive

30 seconds with Scott Telles
Houston Calling Recommended
The Crow flew high this night. We did the "Italian" set forH-Town, and Kirkles was up to no good on the couch.

2012.03.17/The Loft/Austin, TX/Offical SXSW Showcase
Ape Machine, The White Eyes, Torche, Zorch & Electric Eel Shock

Torche stubbed their toes climbing the stairs and had to go home...

SXSW Performer Interview with Scott Telles

2012.03.16/Empire Automotive/Austin, TX
Latest Flame,Greyday & Silver Side: The Mostly Harmless SXSW Day Party

2012.03.15/Frock on Vintage/Austin, TX
Emerald City Limits

The pedals came back the very next day.. we thought they were a goner.

2012.03.13/Headhunters/Austin, TX/Offical SXSW Showcase

The venue left a little to be desired, but the show was great.

2012.03.11/Banter/Denton, TX/35 Denton Showcase

Awesome showcase in a coffee house. The drive back through the fog sucked balls.

2012.03.10/Bryan Street Tavern/Dallas, TX
Junius & O'Brother

Playing at an Applebees isn't so bad after all.

2012.03.09/Beauty Bar/Austin, TX
Junius, O'Brother & Brother/Ghost

2012.02.24/Swan Dive/Austin, TX
Gentlemen Rouges & Les Rav

We played a number of selections from Italian (with Uncle Kirkles)

My Education @ Swan Dive - Austin, Texas - 2.24.2012 from Jason Flitcraft on Vimeo.

2012.02.10/Lambert's/Austin, TX
Talkdemonic & Black Books

Splendid night of music, and BBQ.

2012.02.04/Walter's/Houston, TX
Co-Pilot & Harold Borup

2012.01.07/Beauty Bar/Austin, TX
Ringo DeathStarr, Sundress, the Clouds are Ghosts, Bali Yaah, Black Book & Ushi

Earl tasted the spray.

2012.01.06/Emo's East/Austin, TX
Quite Company, SPEAK, Follow that Bird & Oh Look Out!

Sometimes the big stage can be a lonely place….

2012.01.05/Mohawk/Austin, TX
Maneja Beto & Tacks the Boy Disaster

2011.12.08/Mohawk/Austin, TX
The Sea and Cake

2011.11.19/Skinny's Ballroom/Austin, TX
Scan Hopper (CD Release Party), The Gary & Zest of Yore

Dirty P pulled double duty this night.

2011.11.03/Emo's East/Austin, TX
Philm & Unmothered

Austin Chronicle Interview with Dave Lombardo

it was an honor sharing the stage w/ Dave Lombardo, and Sexy Sax Man.

2011.10.25/Emo's Austin, TX
Anika & Peanut Butter Wolf

Skye worked hard setting up the video DJ projector... all for little thanx.

2011.10.02/Mohawk/Austin, TX
Mohawk's 5th Year Anniversary w/ Transmography & the Great Nostalgic

2011.09.17/Red 7/Austin, TX
Ditch the Fest

Brought to you by Sailor Jerry's!

2011.09.10/Rubber Gloves/Denton, TX
Sans Soleil, Terminator 2 & A Smile Full of Ale

Violitionist Session

2011.08.19/Emo's/Austin, TX
Red Falcon, The Clouds are Ghosts & Calm Blue Sea

John Mayer Drunk Tank Jam.

2011.07.20/Stubb's/Austin, TX
Eels afterparty

no haterz

2011.07.16/The Still/Austin, TX
Abigal and Hansel, Sky Crawler, Tetrahedons & Man Cat House Band

American Dreamin'.

2011.06.26/Emo's/Austin, TX
Eastern Conference Champions

Sunday Night Twilight

2011.06.17 thru 2011.06.19/Ballet Austin/Austin, TX
Live dance show w/ Noble Motion three night stand

2011.05.05/Emo's Austin, TX
the Royal Bangs & Freshmillions

2011.05.01/Seaholm Power Plant/Austin, TX
Psych Fest 4 w/ RokyErickson, The Black Angels, A Place to Bury Strangers, Black Moth Super Rainbow & more "Sound Mass" Performance

Examiner Review of the show
Austinist Review of the Show

2011.04.30/Big Orange Studios/Austin, TX

Sound Mass Daytrotter Session

2011.04.10/Mohawk/Austin, TX
Maserati & My Empty Phantom

Ovrld Review of the show

2011.04.09/the Mink/Houston, TX
Maserati & Co-Pilot

Mason's laptop got "Houstoned"

Houston Callling Recommended

2011.03.19/Blue Starlight Mini Drive-IN/Austin, TX/Leisure Tourniquet Equinox Mish Mash 2011

2011.03.18/Guero's Taco Bar/Austin, TX/Loyalty Firm SXSW 2011 Day Party

The gift bags were nice!

2011.03.17/Hideout/Austin, TX/Offical SXSW Showcase

This was the Yanni Shreds! "Sound Mass" Performance

Austin Chronicle SXSW Pick

2011.03.17/Blue Theater/Austin, TX
My Empty Phantom, Gifts from Enola, Dreamend & more

This was the mellow "Sound Mass" Performance

2011.03.16/The Easern/Austin, TX
Caveman, Hurray for Earth! & many more

Worked out those SXSW Kinks

2011.03.13/Maggie Mae's/Austin, TX
Balcony TV Taping

2011.02.25/Hole in the Wall/Austin, TX
the Angelus & Hotel Hotel

Hotel Hotel's final show. Sad to see you guys go.

2011.02.22/Mohawk/Austin, TX
Unwed Sailor & Giant Cloud

It's important to tune the "G" string.

2011.02.18/The 1011/San Antonio, TX

feelin' old.

2011.01.07/Beauty Bar/Austin, TX
Ringo DeathStarr, Clouds Are Ghosts, Sundress, Ishi, Black Books, Bali Yaaah & Stukenberg

Austin Chronicle Show Review

2011.01.05/Emo's/Austin, TX/Loyalty Firm's Free Week Showcase
Quiet Company, The Boxing Lesson, Smoke and Feathers & the Red Leaves

2010.11.27/Mohawk/Austin, TX
Spindrift & Cartright

2010.11.19/Rudyard's/Houston, TX
Co-Pilot & Some are Gods

Space City Rock Sunrise Album Review
Houston Calling Recommended

Explosions in the Swamp!