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Our recording sessions from Sonic Ranch studios ( in October 2019 have begun to bear fruit. Here's a clip of one of the new songs from the perspective of the grass being rocked by our drummer Earl Bowers IV.

This one is called "Time For Schleep" and the studio version will feature, in a first for us, superb vocalisations by our friend the immensely talented Amanda Hickey ( Amanda came over to our Headbump studio during one of the many overdub sessions we've had since 10/2019. The lion's share of the mixing chores was handled by our engineer and co-producer for the project, the masterful Charles Godfrey ( at his Scary American studios here in Austin, with us providing input from Headbump. The new record is entitled EMKA and the release will be coming in early 2022. Thanks for your continued interest and support.

Thanks for your support and please check back soon for more news and show dates. Peace.


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